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If you too are a frugal online shopper and thrifty coupon code junkie like I am, you are definitely going to love the newly launched Groupon Coupon Codes database. Click the below image to explore Groupon Coupons' 73,000+ active free coupon codes and deep discounts for huge instant savings at 9,300+ online stores. In all my years of online deal sleuthing, I find this to be one of the most extensive and easy to search one-stop-shops of discount codes I've yet found. Be sure to scroll down to see all the intel on Groupon you could ever want to know. A must-see is my hand-picked list of the the most awesome Groupon bargains pulled in hot off the presses hourly. 

Groupon Coupon Codes, Sales, Discounts, and Promotions

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How Best to Search the Site for Deals

On Groupon's site I clicked "Coupons" at the top of the page (see my green rectangle below). This will take you to the main Groupon Coupons page for which I've included a screenshot of below. You can browse by using the links for "Featured Coupons", "Stores", "Categories", "Clothing", or "Blog".

Also, notice how you can use the lower right search box (see green arrow pointing to it) to search for discount codes and clearance sales by store name or category keywords.

The top most search box (see pink arrow pointing to it) can be used along with the location selector to find LOCAL Groupon deals and deep discounts for products or services offered by merchants in your town or city. You can often snag fire sale prices at over 50% OFF regular price! 

How to Search for Groupon Coupon Codes Deals and Local Discounts

Current Groupon Coupon Codes and Special Sales

Saving Money Online or Offline

I'll bet you are probably already aware of Groupon Inc.'s long-standing fame as the leader in bringing you all the best local deals and deep discounts on getaways, goods, and grub.

But now with this new launch they've applied their expertise to expand well beyond local Groupons by rolling out this one-stop-shop for searching out all the best deals and promo codes on a global scale.

Groupon Coupons is now one of my favorite resources for saving money while shopping online because...

  1. It's a convenient and easily searchable collection of all the best codes all in one place. (search by store name or category)
  2. The database is very well curated, see if codes are verified active. No more wasting time with stale expired discount codes and slogging through different mom and pop coupon code sites requiring lots of trial and error during checkout to find the valid ones.
  3. Groupon has the scale, technology, and partnerships to keep bringing you the very best deals in real-time from the most online retailers.

Check out Groupon Coupons database of deals. I'm confident it will help you save a lot of money every year if you regularly shop for bargains there.

And be sure to bookmark this page so you can return here often to brag in the below comments section about how much moolah you saved on your online purchases simply by starting all your online shopping at Groupon Coupons.

Discount Codes: The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

If by chance you are new to this whole concept of instant online savings, and maybe scratching your head wondering...

  • "What are coupon codes?"
  • "How do promo codes work?"
  • "Who offers them and why?"
  • "Where can I easily find these secret saving codes?"
  • "How can I save the most money while shopping online?"
  • "How do I most efficiently find the best savings codes and free shipping deals?"
  • "How and where exactly do I apply these secret codes for deep discounts at checkout?"
  • "Is this too good to be true? I thought there is no such thing as a free lunch?"

I recommend you visit my complete guide to finding and applying the best coupon codes. And also learn how I often stack promocodes and cashback offers for even bigger effective savings of 40% or more off my totals.

All Things Groupon at Your Fingertips

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Deal Finder Search for Coupons and Sales

Deal Finder:
Enter a product name plus the word "Groupon" or other retailer's name to search current sales & coupons (or Search Live Groupon Coupon Code Discount Feed at top)

Comparison Shop at Amazon to see if they might sells an item cheaper

Comp Shopping TIP: Enter your item keywords below to see if may have a better deal compared to what's available via Groupon Coupons...

Website Resources

Groupon Website Resources, Frugal Shopping Tips & Smart Money Saving Tricks

Try Groupon Apps for Easy Money Saving on the Go

With the FREE Snap App by Groupon you can earn cash back simply by checking the app for weekly deals on groceries and consumer-packaged goods in the U.S. and Canada. Then shop anywhere for those items and snap a photo of your receipt showing your purchases of them, then upload to get cash back on some hassles with points, mail-in rebates, or coupon clipping. It's a simple efficient fun way to save money on groceries you are probably buying regularly throughout the year. And given the rising costs of food stuffs this could save your family hundreds of dollars a year.

There is also a FREE Groupon Coupons and Daily Deals App which allows you to Search, purchase, and redeem Groupons directly on your mobile device. You can find the Groupon App at the App Store or on Google Play. 

Also be sure to check the "Goods" link at the top of It's a great source of warehouse-club-caliber savings for many types of common household items you may buy throughout the year...from k-cups, toiletries, and baby electronics, food/beverages, health/beauty, clothes, auto, or home. 

The top links titled "Getaways", "Clearance", and "Taste of Groupon" also hold many super deep discounts that'll often net you 50%+ savings off the regular price.

RSS Feeds

Groupon RSS Feeds

RSS Feed for all corporate Groupon Press Releases

Learn more about RSS Feeds and how can you benefit from them?

Store Locator

Groupon Store Locator

A store locator is not applicable to Groupon since they do not have physical locations to shop at. They are a mostly cloud-based online shopping and deals portal.

Jump to my hot list of the best current deals and Groupon Coupon Codes


Job Openings, seek employment and research employers

Groupon Job Openings

On their website you can do a direct search for a Groupon job openings by keywords or location.

Also try checking the Groupon LinkedIn Page since open professional positions often get posted there and you can also network with company insiders. will also likely include job listings for Groupon.

What is it Like Working for Groupon?

Check ratings and reviews to see what Groupon Inc. employees and applicants had to say about the interview process, their jobs, salaries, and management of the company... 

Working at Groupon

Images related to retailer

Groupon Images, Videos, Tips and Tricks, and Fun Stuff from Around the Web

This video about Groupon Tips and Tricks is an interesting review with some helpful perspectives into how Groupon works and how you can find and leverage the best deals there.

Groupon Tips & Tricks

Vine Videos

#Groupon Vine Videos

Groupon's Profile

Groupon Images from

A random selection of Groupon related images pulled in from See more Groupon Photos on Flickr

Youtube Video Feed

Groupon Youtube Videos

Feed of the most recent Youtube videos published by Groupon...

Official Twitter Feed

Official Groupon Twitter Feed

Use the following live Groupon Twitter feed widget to Follow or Tweet @groupon, and to see the latest tweets from Groupon's verified Twitter account.

Description from their Twitter profile:
"Make Life Less Boring"


Joined: Joined February 2010

Followers: 132K

TIP: Tweeting directly to staff @groupon may be a good way to get extra quick customer service for any questions or issues you may have. Click in the bottom field to open the live message window.

Facebook Fan Page

Groupon Facebook Fan Page


Pinterest Page

Groupon Pinterest Page


Google Plus Page

Groupon Google Plus Page

Groupon - Videos - Google+

Linkedin Page

Groupon Linkedin Page


Tumblr Page

Groupon Tumblr Page

Groupon (dot) Tumblr

Stock Chart and Financial Information and News

Financial Information and Interactive Stock Chart for Groupon Inc.

Groupon Stock Symbol =  GRPN 

The following advanced Groupon stock chart, live quote, and business news widget from TradingView is completely interactive and packed with cool features.

You can open and expand this interactive live stock chart tool in a new browser window by clicking the BLUE button at top center of chart, then click the maximize icon (square) at top right of the new browser window to expand to screen width.

Groupon's Investor Relations Department.

For more company info or Groupon stock charts, business fundamentals, and financial news headlines, I highly recommend one of my favorite websites offering stunningly useful investment tools and powerful financial visualizations:

I love FinViz and use it every day for my investment and company research. The charting and extensive stock screener functions, in particular, are terrific.

Latest Financial News for Groupon

Real-time News Headlines

Latest News Stories Mentioning Groupon (from Google News)

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Comments and Reviews of Groupon Coupons

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