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Thanks to support from our Frugal Advertising and Sponsorship Partners we can continue to offer lots of free and high quality Frugal Living Ideas and Tips.

If you are a provider of pertinent and very high quality frugal living related products or services and are interested in purchasing ad space on this website you may contact us for frugal advertising here. is my personal site. I put a lot of my time, money, and effort into keeping this site up and running with useful free original content for site visitors. I greatly appreciate your support.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I want you to know that in order to defray some of the costs of owning and operating this website, I do accept compensation in various forms such as paid advertising and affiliate commisions via referal links.

Most websites are compensated in these manners as well. This is why website owners can afford to offer such a diverse scope of free and useful information and resources online. But I do want you to know that no content within this website poses a conflict of interest.

So please rest assured the content throughout this website is independent of and not influenced by any of these sources of compensation. I always share my honest opinions, thoughts, experiences, or findings independent of any compensation relationships. Any sponsored content will always be identified as such.

Pay per click advertising links or media ads through Google's Adsense Program is identified as "Ads by Google" or similarly labeled near the ad units and are served by Google's program and NOT chosen by me. Therefore, any pay per click Google ads linking to external sites are not to be taken as those external sites being personally endorsed or selected by me.

Just for clarity and because they are not as obviously marked as being advertising compared to Google ads, I just wanted to let you know that if you see any double underlined words within any content pages, this too is pay per click advertising for products or services not chosen or personally endorsed by me. If you hover your cursor over the double underlined words an ad box will usually appear with the ad inside. Again, the links within these advertisements is not to sites chosen or personally endorsed by me.

As far as non-pay-per-click frugal advertising is concerned, I only endorse or accept sponsorship of very high quality goods or services which I feel will be of great value to site visitors and which I have used or would likely use myself. In other words, I never endorse junk because that is neither in your or my best interest. Again, I only give my honest opinions or experiences independent of the sporsorship relationship. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

I only endorse high quality products from and any endorsement is based on my honest opinion or experience and are independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship.

The views and opinions expressed throughout this website are purely those of the authors. Any information about a product or service should be verified by the manufacturer or service provider.

I do not request donations, so if you appreciate the information I share throughout please do support my sponsors because it will create a win, win, win situation for you, me, and my sponsors.

And in case you've ever wondered, whether a link is an affiliate's referal link or not has no bearing on the final cost of goods or services for the same product purchased through either type of link.

The only difference between going directly to a company's website via a non-referal link versus going there via my referal link is that I would not get a referal commission if you bought a product after following the non-referal link.

So there's no difference in price to you either way. So again, supporting my sponsors via my referal links also supports keeping this website free and ever growing with unique and free high quality frugal living tips and content going forward.

Thank you to our frugal advertising partners, sponsors, and visitors for your interest and support of now and hopefully into the future.

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