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Frugalicity.com was created by an ex-rat racer, thrifty zen master, and parsimonious scientist who's greatest sense of accomplishment originates from being able to retire out of dog eat dog corporate America by the age of 38, even despite a meager salary. This was made possible thanks to persistent frugality, always living well below means, and through careful resource and money-management....(plus never worrying about keeping up with the Joneses!)

To assist you in your own frugal pursuit of happiness, this website is a growing collection of frugal living inspiration related to cultivating independence, celebrating self-reliance, and helping you save time, money, energy, space, and resources.

"Fru·gal·li·cityis a new word in the lexicon of thrift.  It's meaning is derived from the convergence of Frugal LivingSimplicity, and the resultant Felicity that comes with growing resourcefulness and fiscally derived freedom and independence.

Frugalicity.com's mission is to help you escape from the Rat Race forever by gaining control of your life and personal finances, and by waging war on bad debt, conspicuous consumption, financial irresponsibility, and waste.

Never follow the herd. Take the road less traveled. It will make all the difference in your journey toward liberty and freedom.

Please scroll down to see the latest updates to Frugalicity.com, or check our Frugal Living Blog where we post new pages and submissions.

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