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Tips & Clicks for Super Frugal Shopping by Applying Coupon Codes @

Finding and using Amazon Coupon Codes will save you A LOT of money at the world's # 1 online store. Luckily you have just stumbled upon a Frugal Fanatic's online guide about finding and leveraging these special deals at .

But the following information is also applicable for coupon savings at most of the other thousands of online stores ... not just at!

Like most online retailers, offers these secret "promo codes" or "coupon codes" to entice customers to shop at their online stores. 

UPDATE: Amazon has made it MUCH easier to find and apply Amazon Coupon Codes for instant savings. As you'll see when you click the following link, in most cases you can digitally clip the coupon and the special Amazon savings code will automatically be applied at checkout to discount the product price before you pay.

Amazon Coupon Codes - click the below image to find uncommonly good discounts via Amazon's extensive collection of Amazon coupon codes and instant savings promotions on groceries and household products

Click here to be taken to Amazon's Coupon Code hub where you can search for coupons in specific categories or brands

You can usually type these special deal codes into a box at checkout for instant savings on your purchases - no strings attached what-so-ever. This page will cut you to the quick on finding and using these wonderfully frugal, yet often clandestined deals.

When you learn first-hand just how many thousands of dollars you can save every year, on practically ANYTHING, just by applying these extremely frugal tricks of the trade, you will never again shop online without first doing a search for coupon codes.

These little (and little-known) promo codes are generally five to seven alpha-numberic characters long and can be entered into a "promotional code" box at most online retailers' checkout screen and applied just before the final steps of confirming the purchase.

Often after you enter the code into the promo code slot, you have to click a button labeled "apply promotional code", or something similar.

Once applied, the percentage off deal, or flat dollar amount off deal, or free shipping deal, or whatever bargain the code corresponds to will usually instantly show up in your shopping cart total before you complete your transaction.

Tip: Always confirm the deal was applied to your total before you complete payment on your online order at Amazon or any other retailer.

And also keep in mind, to get these instant deals at checkout, you have to find the special deal codes or promocodes ahead of time.

Unfortunately the stores usually do not supply them directly on their websites and most shoppers do not even realize these promotional deals exist because they often are not widely advertised.

Since you have arrived at this Amazon coupon code guide, consider yourself now amonst those rare, savvy, and frugal folks who know where to regularly find these special promocodes for saving money instantly on practically anything that can be bought online or off.

These special bargains at Amazon, plus all the deals at thousands of other stores is like finding free money for the taking ... so never leave it on the table by failing to find and apply a coupon code when you buy ANYTHING online.

Did You Know One of Amazon's Leadership Principles is Frugality?

Here's how Amazon describes their leadership principle of Frugality:

"Accomplish more with less. Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and invention. There are no extra points for growing headcount, budget size, or fixed expense."

Amazon Hacks, Facts, & Contacts

Amazon Website Address:

Amazon Phone / Fax Numbers:

Phone: 1-800-201-7575 OR + 1-206-2661000 OR

For International Support:
1- (206) -266-2992

Fax: + 1-206-6222405

Phone System Hack to Speak With a Human at Amazon:

Dial 1-800-201-7575 & do not say or press anything to get an operator

Email / Snail-Mail Address for Amazon:, Inc.

1200 12th Avenue Sout

Suite 1200

Seattle WA 98144

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Amazon Coupon Code for Free Shipping 
An Amazon Coupon Code for free shipping deals really isn't even necessary. In fact, you and 4 of your other family members can get "all-you-can-eat" free …

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Interesting Facts, Tips, & Trivia:

"Killer App Bezos: Man of the Millennium?"

Jeffrey P. Bezos is the gregarious Chairman, CEO, and President of Amazon. He founded the company in 1994 and launched the online store with the domain of in 1995.

He named the company after the Amazon River which is the world's biggest. Since the year 2,000 the logo has been an arrow forming a smile as it points from the A to the Z in the word "Amazon".

Bezos has said the logo was designed to represent the goal of having every product in the alphabet and also their focus on customer satisfaction (hence the smile).

Jeff Bezos was named "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine in 1999 and cited for his contribution to helping online shopping flourish through his efforts with

"The 800 Pound eCommerce Gorilla" started as just an online bookstore - the first book sold being "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought" by Douglas Hofstadter.

However, Amazon has since become the 800 pound Gorilla of e-commerce and is now America's largest online retailer of a mind-boggling assortment of merchandise, with annual sales approaching $ 20 Billion and over 20,000 employees as of 2008.

Amazon's internet sales are nearly triple those of its nearest competitor Staples, Inc. and the domain has been said to attract over 600 Million visitors per year which is twice that of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.'s website was also determined to be the UK's most favored music and video retailer and the 3rd most popular retailer in the UK overall according to Verdict Research.

"Amazon By Any Other Name?"

It turns out that the name "Amazon" was already being used since 1970 by the Amazon Bookstore Cooperative of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

So not surprisingly the coop sued in 1999 for trademark infringement. They reached an out of court settlement to share the name with Bezos' baby.

"Be One of a Million Earning Finders Fees as an Amazon Associate"

Amazon is famous for having patented what it called "an internet-based customer referral system" in the year 2,000.

However, luckily due to swift and vehement protests following their patent claims, these "affiliate programs" or "associate programs", as they are now called, are ubiquitously available across tens of thousands of ecommerce websites and are a major incentive for attracting site visitors with free and robust content and applications across the World Wide Web. still offers one of the most popular affiliate programs in which website owners can recommend products on their websites and earn commissions on any sales generated after their referrals click through to and make purchases.

Amazon refers to their affiliates as "Associates". There are said to be almost 1 million Amazon Associates worldwide now and it is estimated that they generate over 40% of's sales.

"Amazon Dot-Com: Internet Bubble Burst Beneficiary?"

On May 15, 1997 had its Initial Public Offering on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol: AMZN. The IPO price of AMZN at that time was $ 1.50 per share, adjusting for the three stock splits since then.

Amazon's early business plan forecast was that it would likely take years to ever become profitable and throughout the late nineties many analysts speculated that might never reach profitability.

However, due to rational and steady growth (compared to the "irrational exhuberance" exhibited by most other dot-coms in the late twentieth century) was one of the survivors of the "dot-com" bubble burst and their first profit was posted in the fourth quarter of 2001. Amazon remains very profitable still today.

"Amazon Mechanical Turk: Virtual SweatShop or CrowdSourcing Godsend?"

In 2005 the popular Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) API was made publicly available as part of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon's Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace for "crowd-sourcing", meaning that it is designed to coordinate human intelligence for the performance of tasks which computers are not YET able to do.

Examples, of previous MTurk crowd-sourced tasks have included choosing the most aesthetically pleasing images for storefronts, writing product reviews, completing feedback items on websites, and even collaborative searching for anomalies on satellite images for purposes such as during the MTurk search for possible location of Steve Fossett's plane crash.

On MTurk, Human Beings who post the tasks are referred to as "Requesters" and the tasks themselves are referred to as "Human Intelligence Tasks" or HITs. Workers or task doers are referred to as "Providers" and can chose to complete the tasks for a monetary payment by the Requester.

Mechanical Turk got its name from a chess machine created by Wolfgang von Kempelen in the 1700s and which was said to have beaten Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte. The Turk was later debunked as being not a true automaton, but rather a machine controlled by the internal manipulations of a chess master hidden inside the machine (like the Wizard of Oz or a living ghost in the machine I guess you might say; ^}

Because on MTurk the HITs are often simple, repetitive, and low paying many detractors criticize Amazon Mechanical Turk as being a "virtual sweatshop".

"Bookworms Rejoice With Amazon Kindle"

The Amazon Kindle is the smash hit revolutionary e-book reader first released by Amazon in 2007. The Kindle is rapidly gaining momentum as a "must-have device" due to its popular and practical ease of use and it is now one of Amazon's top selling products.

The Kindle is an integrated e-book downloader and e-book reader in the form of a sleek handheld electronic downloader and viewing device.

The Kindle is able to wirelessly download from an ever-growing list of hundreds of thousands of titles of books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers.

The Kindle downloads occur over Sprint Nextel's 3G network utilizing a free EV-DO (or "Evolution Data Only") service called "Whispernet". Download times average about 60 seconds.

Kindle's "text to speech" feature can even read the downloaded text from books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers to its owner. recently said, "Our vision is to have every book ever printed, in any language, all available in under 60 seconds on Kindle. We will not stop until we get there."

All I can say is I REALLY WANT ONE !!!
UPDATE: I've owned several Kindles and Kindle Fire tablets since. Love my Kindle Fires.

To see what other innovative rabbits Mr. Bezos will pull out of his cyber hat, be sure to visit and bookmark . And be sure to click the image towards the top of this page to find all the newest Amazon Coupon Codes and deals.

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