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by Marc -'s frugal founder
(Upstate South Carolina)

A no-brainer of a money-saving deal from!

A no-brainer of a money-saving deal from!

An Amazon Coupon Code for free shipping deals really isn't even necessary. In fact, you and 4 of your other family members can get "all-you-can-eat" free 2-day shipping on millions of items at 24/7/365 without even needing to find or apply an Amazon coupon code.

It's true...all you have to do is take advantage of's free trial of "Amazon Prime".

This is my favorite no-brainer of a money saving loophole which I use to save hundreds of dollars in shipping charges on all my frugal needful things each and every year. And I can avoid all the off-line shopping hassles AND get items delivered to my front door faster and cheaper too!

And another thing I really like about this frugal hack is that it's a wonderful example of saving green (as in greenback dollars) AND going green (as in reducing my carbon footprint by cutting out a lot of exhaust fumes from distribution middlemen and my vehicles)...all at the same time.

And speaking of time, I save it too by avoiding round-trip "truck rolls" to the store; multiple shopping cart rolls; and the inevitable eye rolls from the aggravations of checkout lines. And I get all the benefits no matter whether I buy 1 item or 1,000 items at

So I can highly recommend signing up for a FREE trial of "Amazon Prime". It's yet another great example of how less can be more. And it sure beats having to search for an un-expired Amazon coupon code for free shipping every time you make a purchase at

But don't worry, during this trial period you will get all the free shipping benefits without your credit card ever being charged. And as long as you cancel before your trial period is up, your credit card will never be charged the yearly membership fee of $79.
(be sure to read Amazon Prime terms)

But keep in mind that if you are like me and spend a lot of money at yearly, the price of a year of Amazon Prime membership may still be well worth it because without it you may otherwise have spent much more than $79 in shipping charges, especially if you tried to have your items shipped with two-day shipping which can be very expensive.

And also keep in mind that 4 other people in your household can also access your membership to get free two-day shipping on their Amazon purchases too. Plus upgrades to 1-day shipping will only cost $3.99...if you really are in a hurry.

So the $79 annual membership might still offer a great deal even after your free trial is up, especially if other family members can benefit as well.

So if you are happy with Amazon Prime do nothing and your trial will automatically upgrade to 12 full months starting from the free trial expiration date.

But after your free trial is up, if it converts to a borderline deal for you because you may have trouble reaching the worthwhile level on your purchases, all you have to do is shift some of your routine "brick and mortar" shopping into online shopping (and don't forget about the added benefits of being able to apply additional online coupon codes, not to mention the gas and time savings that goes along with making that eco-friendly and economic decision).

Did you know that sells discount groceries too? And you can also set up an automatic delivery plan for the consumer staples (from toilet paper to tuna fish) that your family uses most often. So you should reconsider your physical trips to even your local grocery stores.

You'll probably end up saving more by shopping online because of all the reasons listed above, PLUS the fact that passes savings from their comparatively much lower overhead on to their customers in the form of lower prices.

Keep in mind that brick and mortar stores like Target, Wal-mart, and Whole Foods have much bigger payrolls, distribution costs, physical inventories, and building lease costs - all of which contributes to overhead which they often recoup via higher prices than Amazon charges.

So to get started on reaping those online deals just visit via the link at the bottom of this page and start shopping. Add items to your shopping cart by clicking on "Add to Cart with FREE Two-Day Shipping." Then when you go to checkout, you can click "Start my Free Trial" or chose "FREE Two-Day Shipping" as your shipping speed.

And of course, though you may not need an Amazon coupon code for free shipping, don't forget to save even more money off your purchase total by applying other Amazon coupon codes before completing the checkout process.

So with promo code in hand...
Visit and chose "free 2-day shipping". is a great example of leveraging the power of the internet to save yourself lots of money my frugal friend!

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I Love Amazon Prime
by: Frugal Amazonian

With Amazon Prime we save a lot of money - I estimate about $300 - $500 a year (we spend thousands of dollars at annually). This takes into account not only the significant savings on shipping charges, but also things like reduced fuel costs, less mileage on the cars, and our time value (don't ever forget your time IS valuable).

And the free 2-day shipping is wonderful for last minute gift shopping from the comfort of home. And I know the items will always arrive to our front door within 2 days and often 1! Love Amazon's frequent promotions too.

Using Amazon's automatic delivery feature for my family's staples is really nice too because I save time and money by buying in bulk, saving on the shipping charges, and having it delivered to the front door without having to even think about it. It's great for all our household items we always seem to be running low on every month. The extra peace of mind from putting some of our shopping on autopilot is an extra efficiency that I think is worth a lot too.

I don't know what I would do without my internet connection and suffer a lot more from aggravating shopping hassles at Wal-Mart and have $300 - $500 less in my pocket.

Thanks for a great website!
-Frugal Amazonian

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