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You may have seen a NeatDesk Receipt Scanner featured on the fascinating television program called "Hoarding, Buried Alive".

Besides being a popular paper decluttering solution recommended by the show's experts in Compulsive Hoarding, the NeatDesk Receipt Scanner system is a great little frugal tool that can help all of us tame the paper monster and track our household spending on food costs or any other expenses.

The Neat Scanner is an efficient budgeting and organizing tool, and is essentially like having a digital filing cabinet for your documents.

I'm not a Hoarder, but I do keep most of our receipts to help track expenses and historical prices, especially on grocery items. Now this process can be greatly automated, organized, and taken to the next level.

With the Neatdesk receipt scanner you can easily scan documents like grocery receipts, business cards, invoices, and tax documents right into your computer.

The included NeatWorks software then allows you to organize, search, or export information within those documents to Quicken, Excel, PDF, Quickbooks, TurboTax, TaxCut, ect.

This is a great frugal kitchen strategy because the NeatDeskReceipts mobile scanner and digital filing system allows you to create a searchable database of food items, prices, dates, merchants, category, payment method, ect.

Having your food purchase data stored and searchable is like having a digital grocery price book which can help you get the most food for your money by allowing you to identify when prices are unusually low or when seasonal sales trends emerge.

Being able to identify when best to stock up on loss leaders in bulk is a key part of any frugal meal planning strategy. This is because you will be able to replenish your pantry with grocery staples bought at the lowest possible unit prices based on your historical points of reference.

With enough inventory of cheaply bought staples you can wait out the price until it drops to a lower than average level before having to buy more. This can result in huge savings.

The Neat Desk Receipts Scanner system helps automate your record keeping and enables you to be even more of a smart grocery shopper by putting all this price data in one place and making it quickly searchable.

Where there is a will to save money, there is usually a way to save money. Neat Receipt Scanners with digital filing system helps show you the way, because whether on food, utilities, or any other household expenses - the will often begins with the bill.

So it is very important to keep all your receipts and carefully track your spending habits. That is what we do. The Neat filing system makes tracking spending habits a breeze.

Carefully tracking what foods we were devoting a larger percentage of income to helped us form our battle plan for cutting our food bill in half.

We identified the most bloated food costs as being for store-bought cuts of meat, junk foods, beverages, processed convenience foods, and monthly restaurant expenditures.

There was also a large percentage of spending going to foods we frequently lost to spoilage. We focused first on reducing these major budget drains.

Leveraging our frugal kitchen strategy on bettering these priorities helped to produce the most savings in the shortest amount of time.

This really got us motivated to look for even more ways to save on our monthly food bills. Believe me, the more money you save, the more fun the grocery game becomes, and the NeatDesk Document Scanner makes the game a lot easier to play.

How has the Neatdesk Receipt Scanner and software system helped you create a more frugal kitchen? I would love to read your Neatdesk review or budgeting advice below in the comments section.

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